Pls dont judge CAs by attempts

Talent of a CA is beyond it's number of attempts
Talent of a CA is beyond it's number of attempts

Journey and success of CAs are beyond their academics and number of attempts.

CA- Chartered Accountants are not just 2 words, they are my identity , my image and in my case was my dream for good 7 years of my academic life. But this is a not a fairy tale story and did not had a dreamy start.

I passed my CA with 5 attempts in CA Final and was not shortlisted in a single company at ICAI Campus placement. My happiness of being a qualified professional just vanished that day and with puzzled mind, I kept asking myself if I made the right choice for my career path. I did everything right, cut my self out from social life, devoted full 3 years to my articleship for a meagre stipend and needless to quote, courage to give exams multiple times. I guess deep down I thought that all will be worth one day, but when that D Day came, it did come with huge disappointment.

I collected myself and started applying to jobs online and was shortlisted for telephonic interview by 2 big companies. But that was even worse when I was told during 1st stage of interview that my profile will not be processed ahead due to my high number of attempts. Curiously, I asked the HR person for the reason and she replied that their company had a policy of hiring candidates with max 2 attempts. I tried convincing her that my articleship was strong and I deserve a chance for technical evaluation, but unfortunately it didn't happen.

These 2 interviews broke me from inside and I started questioning myself that why do candidates try to get passed CA with multiple attempts knowing that the entry policy of MNC filter candidates only on number of attempts basis.

Finally after 1 month from ICAI Campus, I was finally invited for personal interview by a MNC ( thanks to employee referral) and with a nervous start, I waited for my turn at the waiting area of that company. Finally my number came and my interview started. Interviewer was very happy with my technical knowledge as I did the similar work during my articleship training. My interview went for 45 good minutes and I was asked all sort of questions except related to my attempt. At the end, the interviewer asked me an unexpected question- why are you so nervous when you are technically so sound. I was little frightened and replied that I know that I am a qualified CA, but I was never given a chance to prove my technical skills. Interviewer just smiled and replied, we want to hire an intelligent CA, relax- you are shortlisted. I would have hired you, even your number of attempts were 10. I bursted into tears and left the interview room with a big thanks to the interviewer.

It's been 15 years and I am still associated with the same company who understands that Journey and success of CAs are beyond their academics and number of attempts.


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